Saturday, January 2, 2010

Woodlands, Orlando

Think about this situation. You are in Orlando for a nice vacation with the kids(or to revisit your childhood). You havent had anything inside the disney park and studios except pizza, noodles, salad and french fries. You yearn for the steaming bowl of rice and fluffy rotis. You miss the taste of authentic home cooking and you are wondering what to eat for tonite. Have you been in that situation before? Well, I was in Orlando, Florida and was driving around, trying to locate a Indian place with my GPS and the place that served me the authentic indian food was Woodlands.

Name of the place: Woodlands, Orlando(Opposite lakshmi plaza)
Time of visit: December 2007
Style of Cuisine : Indian
Cost of dinner/Couple : Less than $50

So, hand in hand my hubby and I walked into Woodlands and sank into a seat. We had been walking all day in the parks and being vegetarians, we havent had anything except fries and pizza. There comes the menu from Woodlands, filled with a complete menu of the typical indian dishes. We ordered rotis, dosas and rice and it tasted heavenly. I guess the place is vegetarian and the service was also good.

The next day as we were checking out places near by, we decided to have brunch at Woodlands again. We were informed that it would be a buffet. It was an amazing sight to see so many dishes in a weekday lunch. And trust me, the place didnt cut any corners. It was tasty , authentic, home cooked food, quality food and you could taste the cleanliness with which it has been prepared. Starting with Salads, Keer, Gopi Manchoorian, idlis, vadais, naan, gravies, poppadams, pickles, variety rices, yogurt rice and kesari, we were also served masala dosai. So literally speaking, for a buffet containing 20 dishes or more, with such an amazing taste, we paid less that $8/person.

Verdict: Dont miss this place. Totally worth the taste and a winner.

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