Sunday, January 3, 2010

Addis Red Sea, Boston

Name: Addis Red Sea
Time of Visit: November 2007
Location: Tremont Street, Boston
Style of Cuisine: Ethiopian
Cost of Dinner/Couple: Above $50
Dress code: Formal /Casual

First suggestion: Remember is book a place in advance. There is always a long line of people waiting to get in so reserve a place. Second suggestion is drive to Tremont street at least 20 minutes early and try to find a parking spot. The street is always crowded so its better to arrive early and find a place than going around the block.

The restaurant reflects the Ethiopian decorations and even the table, chairs and place settings are made out of coir mats/bamboo chairs. The table is decorated with a colorful table cloth stitched with beads and painted with various designs.

The appetizer section features sambusa, which is similar to samosa but it is less spicy. There are also variety of salads and non vegetarian appetizers. The main dish is usually Ingera, a dosa like pancake which also serves as a plate. On top of Ingera, different condiments are served. We chose a combination of Butecha(chickpea paste with oil) ,Atakilt ( vegetables with herbs), Kinche(Cracked wheat) and Yesmir Wot(lentils).

The dishes are not spicy and it also not fried food. Most of the food is steamed with some herbs and it tastes good. The place also has a good selection of wine list. You can also take your friends to this place for a weekend/ get togethers.

Verdict: Check it out, its a different cuisine for a change and its tasty.

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