Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tamba (Las vegas)

Just two days after landing in Las Vegas, I was longing for Rice and Rotis. We walking on the strip trying to find a Indian Restaurant when I saw the restaurant Tamba, situated just a few minutes walk from MGM grand and approximately opposite to Monte Carlo Casino.

Name: Tamba
Time of Visit: September 2008
Style of Cuisine: Indian
Dress code: Casual
Ambiance : Good
Cost of Dinner/Couple: Around $50

I was hoping to see a small restaurant with seating capacity of 20 people or so when I walked in to Tamba, but I was surprised to see atleast 50 places inside and the same number of tables on the patio. The overall mood inside the restaurant was pleasant and the decorations were Indian but not too traditional. I saw huge statues of Indian gods and other decorations that blended with the statues.

Not wanting to stick to just one dish, we ordered the Buddha's feast(Vegetarian version). The feast had a sampler from all courses from soup to dessert. I opted for samosa while my wife ordered soup. When out feast arrived, I was impressed by the presentation. The dishes were arranged on a square dinner plate with little square boxes holding the gravies and a matching cup holding the soup. The total white arrangement showed off the colorful gravies so well that it was elegant and appetizing.

I would also say that the dishes not only looked good, but also tasted good. The feast consisted of samosa(or soup), palak panner, dhal, malai kofta, rice, dhal and palak , roti and carrot halwa. The Malai kofta was one of the best I have had in my travels around the globe.

The taste was so good that we had dinner in Tamba again the next day and ordered rice and variety of gravies. Again the Panner Masala and Kofta were pure winners.

Verdict: Check it out, its worth the money.

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