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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dosa Temple

Dosa Temple-Boston
Dosa temple is another restaurant located near Shri Lakshmi Temple in Ashford, MA. I used to eat in Dakshin or Dosa temple if I visited Framingham.

Time of Visit: 2007
Style of Cuisine: Indian
Cost/Couple: Less than $50

A pal of mine told me about Dosa Temple which was previously Chennai Woodlands. The menu is mostly made of South Indian dishes. The Seating arrangement is around 30-40 people, but I felt the decor to be simple.

The menu is made of dishes like idli sambar, vadai sambar, variety of dosas, uttapams, bajjis, bise bela bath, yogurt rice, korma and chappatis.
To its name I would really say dosa temple serves good dosas and uttapams. If you happen to order Sambar Vadai, I'd say the size of the vadai is quite bigger than what we would usually make at home. The tangy sauce given for Chili Bajji is also good. I had kaima parota once which is like parathas cut into bite sized pieces quickly stirred into the korma and served as such.

I've been told that this place also has Buffet during weekday lunch times and special occasions, consisting of rice varieties, rotis, gravies and south indian dishes.

Overall I would say, its Simple South Indian Cooking.

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